In my pottery ...


 ... I produce dishwasher safe coffee sets, bowls and vases, plates and platters, cups and pitchers in different sizes, shapes and colors, crafted carefully and with great attention to detail. In addition, you will find dog bowls here.

I use stoneware clay from the Westerwald, glazed with food safe glazes. Each item is hand-modeled or wheel-thrown. The burning process is divided into the initial bisque firing and the finishing glaze firing: First the kiln is heated to 900 degrees celsius. Greenware, the unfired pottery, is hereby converted from clay to ceramic. Then the glaze is applied, color by color, in several layers, with a brush. The final temperature during the re-firing rises to 1,220 degrees celsius.

Slight variations in size and shape are intentional and underline the individual character of each piece. Please be aware that capacities are approximate. Due to the unpredictability of the firing process, all glaze finishes are unique and can vary.